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Started 5_5_98/-Last Updated 10-06-99

I don't up-date the page much as I concentrate on my page here
Code Breaker an interactive cryptogram. I'm not sure about it's webTV compatibility

I have switched over to computer and will stop doing much work on this page as I work on a computer page. I will still add links and such and try and make my site as WebTV friendly as I can. lintzm@televar.com I will try and get all the forms scattered in my pages set to that address but some of them are still set to the WebTV address wich still works but I don't log on that often with that so my mail box is probably full.
I have been helping some friends
create a memorial web page
for their daughter
who left too early
Sydney's Memorial Page

Because of computer problems on there side (I'm on Webtv) I have not been able to do much to it lately, as I don't want to create something they may not like.

So I have been working on alot of other things. Most of the things on my pages will only work for WebTV.
All things can be taken from me like images, MIDI's & scripts


  1. I've redone my game page and now it's mainly games I've made my self
  2. I've started getting some awards so here's my awards page.
    Plus I made my own award you can apply for
    See it here
  3. Two WebTV word processors I made
    Version 1
    Version 2
  4. I made my own MIDI Jukebox
  5. Free backgrounds and a tester for any backgrounds you want to test.
    Free Backgrounds
  6. State Icons

I have been learning JavaScript at a pretty good pace so I hope to add more fun things to my pages soon

Since the WebTV upgrade at times forms and JavaScript do not work. If my menu bar below doesn't work try reloading the page. Sometimes I've even had to power off to get things to work.

  I lost my guestbook.
So sign away
I'm starting from scratch
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