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Messing with the Status Bar
and other Link events


Here is the code for doing a non-linking one.
<a href="#" onMouseOver="window.status='enter message here';">what ever here</a> Here it is for linking.
<a href="" onMouseOver="window.status='enter message here';">what ever here</a> Actually quite simple. My most commen mistake is the placing of the qoutes. After the onMouseOver= use a double qoute and after the window.status use a single qoute. Your message can't contain a single or double qoute unless you place in the numerical value for it. I will list the values for certain figures that can't be shown with out the value.

You'll notice I didn't use the single apostrophe in contractions above like its instead of it's. I didn't feel like placing the value code it. So if it doesn't work for you this is the most likely reason.

Here is a more complicated one.

onMouseOver and onClick

Here's the Code for that
<a href="#" onMouseOver="window.status='Try clicking now';" onClick="window.status='Try going up and coming back';">onMouseOver and onClick</a>

Now I sort of change the subject from status bar to other things you can do with onMouseOver and onClick.

Useing it to alert

You can place all sorts of JavaScripting in an A HREF statement. This one was another two parter.

<a href="#" onMouseOver="window.status='Try Clicking this one';" onClick="alert('The a href html statement is more than just for linking');">Useing it to alert</a>
Here's a fun complicated one
|  |
{* *}
| ^ |
\ -- /
| |
I've just added an onClick after the onMouseOver. There are more tricks that could be done with this. What this is called is Link Events. Here's another trick that can be done with Link Events.
Red blue green white black teal
Click on the color and you get that color.
Here's how this is done.
<a href="#" onClick="document.bgColor='red';">Red</a> enter any color in the place of red. When I get time I will add to this subject. My next page wich I will probably start this weekend will likely cover image swapping. If your getting most of my tutorial well you can probably just look at the source code of the various free scripts availiable to learn how different things are done. I have a small collection in my Library wich use some things not covered in this tutorial. Also check out my Links section for different resources avaliable

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