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Page 1

How to make pop-ups and prompts

How to make a simple alert.
How to make a prompt to ask the viewer a question and use the results in an alert.
intro to variables
My guest books
A message board to post your questions to

Page 2

Making it Interactive

Comparing variables
doing things depending on results from prompts
intro to the if statement

Page 3

Writing directly to your page

More variable tricks
adding html to your variables
intro to the document.writeln() statement

Page 4

How to make menues

Making pulldown and check box menues
intro to forms
making a pulldown link menu

Page 5

Making clickable scripts, intro to functions

intro to functions
how to make a button to click on to start your script
using forms

page 6

Using passwords

A clickable function that calls up a prompt asks for the password and then goes to the page.
A text box to enter a password and then go to the protected page.

page 7

Random MIDI player

Page 8

Messing with the Status Bar

Library of Scripts

Various Scripts

If you just want to take some scripts check here to see if it is what you want


Try you scripting Here

Instead of heading back to your page builder just to find out it doesn't work. Try it here. If it works you can cut and paste to take it back to your site

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