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Lesson Two
an Interactive Script

Get the script

<script language="JavaScript">
var name = prompt("What is your name?","");
if (name == "Mine")
{alert("Hey that's my name\n"+name);}
var age = prompt("How old are you?");
var days=(age*365);
alert("That's "+days+" days");
alert("Welcome to my page \n"+name);
//--End Hide-->
Copy this into the Text Box or Cut and Paste it their and try your hand at editing it. Hit the back button to get back here. You can't save or send the page that is created when you hit View. It only exists on your Webtv, or computer if a computer user(I'm not sure if this works right on a computer). Warning there are some bugs with my testing script. If you have your alert really so as to have a new line started in the middle of the message it will place a break in the alert so that what should be a one line alert message is now two lines. Not serious so don't worry to much.
If you not sure about cut and paste just hit the find button and enter the < character. Hold the shift button and use the arrow keys to highlite the entire script and hit command c then enter the text box and hit command v and it will appear there.

Once your comfortable with creating your own version of this go on to page 3 Writing the results of your script to the page.

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