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This is a non-CGI self created free for all link page. Actually just fill out the form at the bottom of the page wich e-mails me your info and I hand enter the link wich means it might take a day to get on here but I like doing manual labor on my pages and I don't like using stuff I didn't create myself. I can't create guestbooks and counters so I have to use them, but everything else is hand crafted.

Bills World of Great Links
Great selection of links
Destination: DoughBoy City
Huge selection of Links.
The house of Wallpaper
Great outdoor shots
DrunkDoctors E-Z HTML
A great HTML resource page, well layed out and easy to understand

skull1999`s Links Page
description links to almost everything you want
CyberKitten's Page
Lots of gifs,backgrounds,some midis and other stuff-updated daily!!
"America's Online Shopping Center"
Features only the best online stores and designed for easy browsing.
Sparkle Plentys Page
description Nursing, humor,southern stuff, music (which I love). Just a personal page.
Bonnies Just for Fun

A different Bonnie
Bonnies Shop

Just a place for me to show off my photographs and to keep in touch with friends!
Patty's Page.

Just a perosnal hp to introduce myself and make the memoery last forever through the web-site
Mayee's Page
Gifs, Bg's, Wavs, Jpg's, Animated Letters & Numbers and Web Page Design Sets....
NaNaMars Web Wonders
Bingo,Casinos,Personal,Elvis,and a page for GUYS and GALS
Nancy's Home Page
A page about SpinCycle(Kim)
SpinCycles Home Page
Helps for teachers looking for resources in using the Internet in their lessons
Tressy's Page
Joe's Hockey Card Page
Hockey Cards
Can You Believe The Unbelievable??????
Wingies Do_You_Believe
Shaw family Homepage

The Gallery
Paintings, Poetry and photography
Snow Mouse's Friendly House

Friendy for all family members

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