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<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Hide
var message = new Array;
message[1]="I think there for I am";
message[2]="Another Message";
message[3]="This can go on as far as you want";
message[4]="Just change the value of number to add more";
message[5]="The more messages there are";
message[6]="The less chance of having messages repeated";
message[7]="I have 7 messages so I set number to 7";
var number=7;
var dis=Math.random(1) dis=(dis*number);
if( dis<1){dis = 1;}
if( dis>number){dis=number;}
document.writeln("<center><h2><font color=blue>"+message[dis]+"</font></h2></center");
// End Hide -->
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000CC" vlink="#000066">

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