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<title>A pull down or checkbox menu</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
function getSelect(s){
return s.options[s.selectedIndex].value}
//-- End Hide -->
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFAAFF" link="#66AA66" vlink="CCAACC">
<!--Set list size to 1 for a bar puldown menu -->
<select name="list" size=8 onChange="location=getSelect(this)">
<!-- If you are making a pull down bar type menus set the option value to "#" and nothing else for the first option then the description. -->
<option value="psword.html">Password Script
<option value="slot-2.html">Slot Machine
<option value="slotv2.html">Slot Machine, Graphics Version
<option value="message.html">Random Qoute Diplay
<option value="textdisplay.html">Text Box Message Display
<option value="randommidi.html">Random MIDI played on your page
<option value="midijukebox1.html">MIDI Juke Box v1.0
<option value="midijukebox1-2.html">MIDi juke box v1.2
<option value="rkpapsic.html">Rock,Paper,Siscors game
<option value="guessnumber.html">Guess the number
<option value="background-viewer.html">Image Viewer
<option value="e-mailform.html">An e-mail form with JavaScript