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Sydney's Journal 8/4/97

24 Days after the transplant

Today started out normal. We kept Brooke out of Day Care because they were going to reharvest her bone marrow. We showed up at the hosptal and you were having blood pressure problems that soon got very bad. I took Brooke to day care and came back. By this time you were on full support, and the doctors said things were not too good. Mom got sick and went downstairs to get medicine, then your heart started beating really slow. They got daddy a chair and unplugged you, And i rocked you asleep just like when i first brought you from the nursery after being born. I love you Sydney, and today part of daddy died. I will never be the same again, you meant the world to me and now your gone... Hugs & Kisses
Sleep tight baby girl, i will really miss you....

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