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"; margin=document.type_area.margin.value; page = document.type_area.Text.value; page = ""+BgColor+"
" +color+ "" + "
" +page+ "
"; lab=open("","DisplayWindow","status=1,scrollbars=1 ");lab.document.write(page);} function AddHeader(){ var tempage=document.type_area.Text.value; var headEr=document.centre.TeXt.value; var SizeNu=document.centre.SiZe.value; var FontColor=document.centre.headcol.value; FontColor=""; SizeNu=""+FontColor; headEr="
"+SizeNu+" "+headEr+"
" tempage=tempage+headEr; document.type_area.Text.value=tempage; document.centre.TeXt.value=""; document.centre.SiZe.value=""; document.centre.headcol.value=""; tempage=""; } function changeColor(){ var tempage=document.type_area.Text.value; var colorTo=document.chanCol.ColTo.value; var colrText=document.chanCol.TextTo.value; var changeTo=tempage+"

// -- End Hide -->

Enter text color
Background color

Add centered header

size 1-7
Text for header

New section color scheme

Set new document color
Set new text color

Change size in text <font size="1-7 here">
Return to normal size</font>
Change text color<font color="blue">
Return to normal</font>
Centering Text<center>
Return to normal</center>
Italicizing text<i>
Return to normal</i>
Bold text<b>
Return to normal</b>
Show HTML instead of using it<xmp>
Return to normal</xmp>
Return to normal</u>