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strike counter

I have begun to delete the games that are not my own to make room for those that are as I plan on filling this page with many different types of games.

Find the little devil
A maze game
Black Jack
Slot Machine
Text version
Slot Machine
Graphics version
An unfinished text adventure game

Wich game do you like best
Wich game is your favorite

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I didn't make the Black Jack game.
Hamurabi is my newest one. I would like to do more on the text adventure but WebTV sucks at handling work on such a large page. I have to log off every few minutes to clear my cache while working on the page but see if you can make it to the exit of the town and have a good weopan and ample experience. Also head east after leaving your house and look for a women in the street. Hit the option button (The one on the screen not on your keyboard) for an intresting turn of events.

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