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Search and Goto Area

I made this for someone that wanted to be able to surf and cut and past pages somewhere without having to go back and forth to e-mail or a page provider to store the results. It is real usefull if you have info spread out over many pages and you want bits and pieces of a page. Just cut what you want and enter it to the pasting area below. When you have what you want off one page you can follow the links on that page or hit the link below the pasting area to get back to this page and head off for another.

Warning if you use any of these keys
any of the F keys fav home search mail goto reload (command r) and the back button.

Also some pages are set up to break frames as the authors of the page can set it up that way. Newsgroups and any similiar type pages will not work.

I will be adding to the options availiable in the future but for now you can search Lycos or enter the URL of the page you'd like to cut from. If you enter the address and the page doesn't load check the URL and try again. You will not get a page not found error. Also larger pages may take time to load.

Search Lycos