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Test Page

Your page would look like this with this background
A different color incase the last message was not visible"); lab=open("","DisplayWindow","status=1,scrollbars=1 ");lab.document.write(page); } function selfTest(){ var BkGround=prompt("Enter the URl of background","http://"); page = ("

Test Page

Your page would look like this with this background
A different color incase the last message was not visible"); lab=open("","DisplayWindow","status=1,scrollbars=1");lab.document.write(page);} var show_num=""; function conTact() { var name = prompt("What is your name",""); var page = prompt("Your homepage address","http://") var com = prompt("Any Comments?",""); alert("Now hit submit if you wish to send\nOr you can re-enter the info if you wish"); var a1 = navigator.appName; var a2 = navigator.appVersion; var a3 = navigator.appCodeName; var a4 = navigator.userAgent; var inFor=(a1+a2+a3+a4);; window.document.MailQuestion.homepage.value=page; window.document.MailQuestion.comments.value=com; window.document.MailQuestion.vinfo.value=inFor; window.document.MailQuestion.from.value=document.referr er;} //sBack(),disPage(),sFor(),imgDisplay,sinGle() //--end hide-->


URL of

8/10 Just added the URL of image and bgcolor to this. Enter the URL of any image you want to test as a background.
The bgcolor is for transparent backgrounds so you can test different bgcolors with them. 8/20 From 93 up are backgrounds I made myself. They arent great but hopefully I'll get better>

Give it a bit of time to view images the larger ones take time to load. If there are numbers in the box the viewer is working. If not and you are on a computer my background viewer may not be compatible with it. If you are on an upgraded WebTV classic try reloading the page if you get a title then it should be working.Once you have viewed them you can flip through them faster. Images are not shown actual size in the display window. To see them actual size hit Single View.
To get the URL of an image hit Single View and hit goto show last.
Hit Page View to see it used as a back ground on a sample page
Use the back button to get back here. Don't save or send the page with the background. It doesn't exist, if you save it and try and get back to it, it wont happen. The page only exists with in your own Cache.
Mail forms are currently not working for WebTV plus. So if you wish to contact me e-mail me directly E-mail me Script Written by freabeer@webtv.netJuly 18, 1998


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