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About me

I relized I don't have very much info about myself so I figured I'd better create a little page for that purpose.

I'm 27 currently living in North Idaho. I've moved back and forth from here since I was 10. Moved almost every year between 1980 and 1988 so I ended up behind in Highschool. I quit to go to work and ended up getting my GED wich has never really helped me out. But it's nice having something to hang on my wall.

Most of the time I spent over here as a kid was up in the hills with no electricity or running water. Oh there was running water, me and my brothers ran for it when ever we were told. Down to the creek with jugs and a dipper. In the winter a hammer was included to break the ice. Food was scarce and clothes were all handed down. It sounds horrible but I have the greatest memories of that time. I think I learned more about life, living up there, than I ever did in school.

There were only so many kids to play with so fights had to be resolved and friendships repaired. There were no new kids to make friends with. Also with no TV things had to be found and imaginations used to have fun.

When ever we returned to the city in Western Washington (Bellingham) I'd get into trouble. I hated school aced all the tests and failed because of lack of homework completion and to many days home sick.(91 days in the 7th grade). I liked freedom to much. Got into alcahol and minor drugs.

Once on my own I worked in a salmon proccessing plant from 1988 to 1993.(quit highschool to go to work). Got into trouble and ended up Back here in Idaho and working full time in 1996(Don't ask about the gap)

Now I work in a salad dressing manufacturing plant and do pretty well n. I still drink but I've gotten past the over indulgance stage. I don't use any drugs now but I think serious consideration to legalization to marijauna should be given. I could get drugs delivered to my door faster than a pizza and I live in the middle of nowhere.

Well that's all for now. I'll add to or rewrite this later.

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